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Afternoon Service  April 5

Rev. Wynia

*Confession and Greeting
*Singing: Ps. 65:1,2

1. Zion, O God, in you rejoices
and greets you with her songs;
your courts resound with cheerful voices.
All praise to you belongs!
To you who hear our supplication
we come to pay our vow.
All people will in adoration
before you humbly bow.

2. When we are grieved by our transgressions
and overwhelmed by sins,
you blot them out in your compassion
and give us peace again.
How blest are those whom you have chosen,
whom you in love embrace;
within your courts, in you reposing,
they have a dwelling place.

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Prayer Reading of Holy Scripture: John 11:45-12:11
*Singing: Ps. 116:1,5,9

1. I love the LORD; his faithfulness I praise.
He heard my cries, for he is always near me;
in tender mercy he bent down to hear me.
I call on him in worship all my days.

5. LORD, you have saved my soul from death’s abyss.
My tears you’ve dried; my feet you’ve safely guided,
kept them from stumbling. Grace you have provided,
that I may live to walk before your face.

9. I am, O LORD, your servant, bound yet free,
your humble slave, whose shackles you have broken.
I’ll offer you my sacrifice as token
of thankfulness, and praise you constantly.

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Text: John 12:1-8
Theme: Our Self-Emptying Saviour Deserves to be Worshipped with Our Self-Emptying Love
1. Mary expressed her love
2. Judas criticized her love
3. Jesus accepted her love Singing: Hy. 27:1,2,6,7
Confession of Faith: Nicene Creed
Singing: Hy. 4:1,2

1. We praise you, God the Father, the Creator;
we praise you, God the Son, our Lord and Saviour;
we praise you, God the Spirit, coeternal;
one God almighty.

2. Trinity holy, Unity unbroken,
let all creation praise you without ceasing,
for you are one in truth and love and splendour,
Rock of salvation.

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Congregational Prayer
Offering for the Work of Mercy
*Closing Song of Praise: Hy. 4:3

3. Let us then full of confidence
run to complete the race
and put off sin and every weight
which could slow down our pace.

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