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Morning Worship Service 9:30 AM | Nov. 28, 

Rev. Wynia

Rev. Wynia
Kindergarten Memory Work: Ps. 93:1
*Confession and Greeting
*Singing: Ps. 100A (proposed songs)
Law of the Covenant
Singing: Ps. 130:1,2
Reading of Holy Scripture: Luke 1:1-38
*Singing: Hy. 15
Text: Luke 1:5-25

Theme: God Sends Gabriel with the Announcement that Zechariah and Elizabeth Will Have a Son
1. In answer to their prayer
2. As a message for Israel
3. With a confirming sign

Singing: Hy. 16:1,3,4
*Closing Song of Praise: Ps. 150

Afternoon Worship Service  2:30 PM | Nov. 28,

Dr. Wynia

Gr. 1 Memory Work: Ps. 81:5
*Confession and Greeting
*Singing: Come, Thou Almighty King (proposed songs)
Reading of Holy Scripture:
Hebrews 1; John 17:1-19; 1 Peter 1:13-21
*Singing: Ps. 130:3,4
Text: Lord’s Day 13

Theme: Our Saviour is God’s True Son, and our Lord
1. The gospel of His Sonship
2. The gospel of His lordship

Singing: Hy. 19
*Confession of Faith: Hy. 2
Offering for the Work of Mercy
*Closing Song of Praise: Ps. 116:5,9
Three Fold Amen
*Please stand if able